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Fatwah of Hijab being Fard-e- Ayeen and other relevant topics by MUHAMMADIA JAMIYA SHARIF RESERCH CENTER (Part 1)


So far whatever has been or will inshaAllah be published in the monthly `Al-Baiyinaat’, the only `Tajdidi’ (reformist)  periodical, being the pioneer of Sunnah, the sleepless sentry for the absolute truth, the brave soldier of Ad-Dwin and Islam, the root eradicating symbol of `Kufri’, Shirque and Bidyat from the whole world, the threat to the rejects and the believer in the `Aquida’ of Ahle Sunnat wal Jamyat, are all of the same and invariable aim and objective, and those are: to help the people to purify their Aquida (belief) and Amal (practice). Al Baiyinaat is publishing all such writings those are especially helpful for the people to practice on those.

The same way, reasons for placing Fatwah as the proofs of hijab being Fard-e- Ayeen and other relevant topics in Al-Bayinaat holds the same objective.  Because firstly, some people spread fuss and confusion in the society through their speeches and writings regarding Hijab, owing to lack of wisdom (Qillat-e-llm) and lack of understanding (Qillat-e-fahm). For example, few days back, one daily newspaper published that ÒWomen can go out (of there house) having their faces, hands and feet uncovered (Nauzubillah min zalik)!” Similarly, in addition to the prominent ones, some unknown rejected Islamic monthlies also hold the same ideas. Also many a so-called title holding preachers (wayez) say the same.

But all these statements are contrary to what has been said in The Holy Quran, the Hadith, the Ijma and the Qias. In fact they are all muddled up with one particular Ayat of The Holy Quran, which they failed to interpret correctly and thereby creating confusion about it.

The actual Hijab

As a matter of fact, rules on Hijaab for women in Islam are:

  1. Women should remain at home all the time.
  2. Whether at home of outside, shall never appear in front of the `Gayer-e- Mahram’ (Mahram are only those males that a women is allowed to meet).
  3. When required go out, will do so, wearing veils, hand gloves and socks, covering the face and the whole body.
  4. Black Burka is `Afzol’ and better means of protection.
  5. Shall have the looks always downwards.
  6. Will not speak to any `Gayer-e-Mahram’ when not required.
  7. If required, will speak to `Gayer-e- Mahram’ with solid (not soft) voice.

This is what an actual Hijab in Islam is and these are the instructions provided in the `Shariah’. Therefore, basing on the statements of all those periodicals mentioned earlier, many simple hearted individuals would indulge into compromising of the Hijab and earn `Qabira Gunah’ (the worst sin).

It is also likely to say that some title holding Pir, Amir, Khatib, Shaikhul Hadis, Mufti, Mufassirin-e-Quran and Maolana are openly meeting with Gayer Mahram women, having homely sitting with them, taking Iftar together, holding meetings and at times joining street processions. This they preach as Jaiz (allowed)- Nauzubillah! In fact Ulamaye Suus with worldly greed have been advocating Halal as Haram and Haram as Halal throughout the ages in order to gain small material benefits.

For example, during the time of Qayum-e-Awal Hazrat Muzaddid-e-Alfe Saani (Rahmatullahi Alaihi), many Ulamaye Soo like Abul Fazal Foyzi and Mullah Mubarak Nagri etc. made lot of misinterpretations of The Holy Quran, giving fatwa for Halal as Haram and Halal as Haram in order to please Akbar, the Emperor and gain some material benefits. Today’s Ulamaye Suu (s), the so called Pir, Amir, Khatib, Shaikhul Hadis, Mufti, Mufassir-e-Quran and their followers etc. are like the complete successors of those Abul Fazal and all, who are doing all Harams for the sake of small position and little gains in the society. At the same making statements or Fatwa to legitimize those. These are the very people that have been described in the Hadith as `Dajjal’s Disciples’.

For example, Hadith says: referring Hazrat Abu Hurayra (Radwi Allahu Anhu), who says: Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) describes, there will be some liars in the Akhri age, who would place such fabricated and self made stories in front of you that you never heard before nor did your forefathers. Be careful! Remain apart and keep distance from them so that they can not make you Gumrah (astray) and put you in Fitna (trouble)- Muslim Sharif, Mishqat Sharif.

It is to be remembered that because of these `Dajjal’s Disciples’, the so called Pir, Amir, Khatib, Shaikhul Hadis, Mufti, Mufassir-e-Quran and some Moulvi(s), people are confused on the thought that Hijab is not essential. If it is, then how the Moulvi(s) behave so? It is needless to say that for those Ulamaye Suus’ non Hijab activities, general people are experiencing greater dents in their beliefs and Amal regarding Hijab.

That is why Al Baiyinaat is publishing this Fatwa as documentary proofs of Hijab as Fard-e-Ayeen and other relevant topics so that every one can have the actual Aquida (belief) on it and learn the actual teachings of Hijab. It is being done with a view to bringing in to Hidayat and Hijab all those who are spreading the misinterpretations of Hijab in Islam and doing themselves `the Bey-purdah’ activities contrary to Hijab, out of their ignorance and worldly desires. Let Almighty Allah bestow upon us the ability to practice Hijab so that we may please Him and His Rasul (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam). Amin.

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