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Wearing black shoe is Haraam

Ka’aba shareef is the sacred Shey’ar (sign) of ALLAH PAK. So, it is Fa’rd for every Muslim to show respect to THIS sacred shey’ar (sign) in order to receive endless rwa’hmat (welfare).


ALLAH PAK dictates, “And whoever honors the sacred Shey’ar (sign) of ALLAH PAK – indeed, it is from his Taqwaa (the piety of his hearts).” (Sura  Hajj-32).


ALLAH PAK also dictates, “And whoever honors the sacred Shey’ar (sign) of ALLAH PAK – it is best for him in the sight of ALLAH PAK “( Sura Hajj-30).


So, it is harwaam (forbidden) and Kufri to disrespect THIS sacred Shey’ar (sign) by keeping it under feet or in the level of feet or stepping over it by feet or trampling it.


ALLAH PAK dictates, “O Mu’min (Believer) ! Do not disrespect the sacred Shey’ar (sign) of ALLAH PAK. (Sura Ma’idah-2)


In another Ayat Shareef ALLAH PAK mention that Ka’aba Shareef is the first house on the earth for human being. SubhaanAllah!


Ka’aba Shareef is the place under direct protection of ALLAH PAK which is called Baitullah Shareef, disrespecting Ka’aba Shareef is nothing but disrespecting ALLAH PAK. So, it is Far’d (compulsory) for every Muslim to honor everything related with Ka’aba Shareef including the Mubaarwak Gilaf or black cover over the Ka’aba Shareef.  The black color is also honored for that.  More over, the color of Mubaarwak Pagri (turban) of  Noor-e-Mujassam, Habeebullah, Huzur Pak Swallallahu ‘Alaihi Wa Sallam is black. So none should disrespect the color black by wearing black shoe. For an example if the national flag of any country is stepped under anyone’s feet, he would be arrested by the law enforcers as well as he would be accused for insulting the nation. So, why every black shoe wearer would not be accused for disrespecting Ka’aba Shareef? Verily, he must be punished!!!!!! The black shoe manufacturers are also accused for the same reason.


So all the shoe manufacturers of the world!!! Let you manufacturers not to manufacture any black shoe instead of grey anymore. Stop producing that. Be aware of the divine retributions of ALLAH PAK. Let you not suffer similar to the countries and communities of infidels (kaafirs). As they tried to humiliate the She’yar of Islam, they are getting destroyed by the punishment of ALLAH PAK like the Aad, Samud and Firaun.

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